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Secretary Ashley Rider pulls her knickers down under the desk

It seems you’ve been a very naughty boy. You got caught looking up the boss’s wife’s skirt and he’s called you to have it out with you. But, while you’re sitting in the waiting area looking all nervous his voluptuous BBW secretary Ashley Rider knows that you’re in trouble and asks what you done. You tell her the truth that you got caught looking up the boss’s wife’s skirt. Ashley tells you that you’re in serious trouble but she also feels quite sorry for you so she lets you have a peek up her skirt to calm help relax you.

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At first sexy Milf Ashley opens her thick legs and lets you have a look at her panties but she starts to get a bit excited and you notice a small wet patch on her blue knickers. Ashley tells you to get your cock out and have a quick wank and seen as you haven’t got much time she takes her knickers off to give you some encouragement. When you see her hairy wet pussy under the desk and you see her fingering herself it doesn’t take long for you to have a good wank and blow your load.When you’re done wanking Ashley reaches down and pulls up her panties covering up her wet pussy.

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